About Us

Our Brand Values

Our brand values – which have ensured our success over the years – are commitment, professionalism, flexibility, value for money, dynamism, creativity and trust. These are the values that enable us to make the most of the opportunities afforded by 21st-century business. Even though our clients see us in person only very rarely – since we are located in all corners of the globe – they know that they can trust us 100%.

Commitment: We take our commitments very seriously. We want to give the client a high-quality translation – one that enables them to make the right impression on overseas customers. As such, we would never be happy to deliver an 'adequate' translation. We aim for 'excellence' every time.

Professionalism: In contrast to many other translation agencies, all of our translations are done by professional, mother-tongue translators (working exclusively from their second language into their native language), to ensure the highest quality at all times.

Flexibility: Our approach is very flexible. We are happy to adapt our service to match each client's specific requirements. We are available throughout the day, and if necessary we can also be available at the weekend.

Value for money: Our pricing is based on the added value that we offer, and we are dedicated to delivering the best possible value for money.

Dynamism: If the translation is required urgently, we'll do our very best to achieve the impossible. In general, we respond very rapidly to client requests (usually within a maximum of 2 hours).

Creativity: Our translations are always 'creative', in the best sense of the word. Rather that aiming towards an overly literal translation – which perhaps mirrors the sense of the original but fails to reproduce its spirit or style – we are geared towards localisation, meaning that we aim to deliver a translation that has precisely the same effect in the target language as the original text did in the source language (in this sense, what we do shares something with the world of copywriting).

Trust: One aspect that is rather specific to the translation industry is that the client has no simple way of knowing whether or not the translation they have received has been done well or poorly (unless they have the translation checked by another agency, at considerable additional expense). By using exclusively mother-tongue translators and conducting ourselves with consummate professionalism at all times, our clients realise there's no way in the world we will ever give them a translation that's less than perfect.